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The Best Types of Olives to Serve at a Party

The Best Types of Olives to Serve at a Party

The Best Types of Olives to Serve at a Party

Olives have been served at get-togethers as finger foods for centuries, and they have remained a mainstay of the Mediterranean diet. Once served by the ancient Greeks and during the Roman Empire, their popularity continues. If you are throwing a party or having a get-together, olives should be presented as a part of the feast.

With a briny flavour and a firm flesh, olives pair perfectly with a number of cheeses, roasted nuts, red wine and much more. If you’re wondering what types of olives you should be serving at your next party, here are a few of the most popular suggestions:


These olives come from France near the Nice region and are commonly used in a Nicoise salad. They also pair well with French charcuterie and can be served on their own as part of a cheese platter.


Castelvetrano olives come in both black and green varieties for people with a particular taste. They are a classic snack olive with their roots tracing back to Sicily. They are quite mild in flavour and have a tender texture, both of which are preferred by people that enjoy a midler olive taste.

Manzanilla Green Pitted Olives

Offer these olives in either their stuffed or their unstuffed varieties. They will be the preferred olive for guests that aren’t olive connoisseurs and would like to stick with a taste that they already know. A party just can’t be called a party if you aren’t serving manzanilla green olives.

These are some of the most popular choices of olives that you can serve at your next get-together. If your business is regularly hosting events for evenings that need a bit of that olive flavour, you’ll need to have a large and varied supply of olives on hand at all times. To learn more about bulk olives and which are best for you, visit our website at, or contact us today to learn more about bulk orders.

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