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Nicoise Olives: The Perfect Topping for a Salad (And Anything Else)

Nicoise Olives: The Perfect Topping for a Salad (And Anything Else)

Buy Gourmet Olives Nicoise olives are an olive originally native to France – they can be identified as rich, small and black and feature a mellow, sweet, and nutty flavour. They are typically grown in the France Provence region, as well as other hotter regions such as Morocco and Italy, and are used in a number of different salads including Greek salads and their very own signature Nicoise salads. They can also be used as an appetizer when combined with other types of olives, or as an ingredient in fish and chicken dishes. These olives boast a special character, and are delicious when served with wine, bread and cheese.

Nicoise olives should be plump, firm and unbruised with a moist interior and a shiny smooth skin. They must be kept in cooled and in a wet environment at all times and remain in olive oil or brine in the refrigerator. Before serving, however, or using them as an ingredient, they should be left to sit at room temperature.

These olives can also be utilized a number of different ways and if you’re a creative chef you have probably already discovered a few new dishes that naturally invite this particular taste. Use them to make a wonderful Nicoise olive vinaigrette, or discover a new world of flavour with a potato salad Nicoise. Add these olives to hamburgers and veggie burgers before putting the meat on the grill to give your customers a robust flavour.

A single serving of olives contains only 2.5 g of fat and 25 cal, and also counts as a full fruit serving. Olives boast a number of healthy vitamins and minerals including monounsaturated fatty acids, calcium, iron, vitamins E, C along with naturally occurring antioxidants.

If you are creating the perfect Nicoise salad, you know just how important the right ingredients are. At Puroliva we only supply the best gourmet olives you can find on the market. A great salad starts with premium ingredients and since the olives in this recipe are the binding force that holds the salad together, you really need to use the best quality olives available.

Let your guests and customers know the top quality you strive to provide by offering dishes and cocktails that start with the best gourmet olives. When you’re looking for something more to step up your appetizers, meal preparations and drinks, turn to gourmet ingredients. Contact us today or learn more about our selection of wholesale products at

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