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Which Olives Are Best on Pizza?

Which Olives Are Best on Pizza?

Olives are one of the most popular additions available for pizzas, as they add a tangy flavour that simply can’t be found with any other topping. In all cases, the olives chosen are pitted and sliced up before being added. There are 3 common olive choices for pizza which include canned black olives, green olives and Kalamata olives.

Canned Black Olives

These types of olives are the most common type of the fruit used as a topping for pizzas. They have a mellow taste and a firm texture and can be used on pizzas, in salads or can be served on a meat and cheese platter. In most restaurants and pizzerias, if you choose black olives you will be served the canned variety since they pair the best with many other pizza toppings.

Green Ripe Olives

There are different types of green olives used on pizzas, but the most common are manzanilla olives with their tangy bite, firm texture and subtle bitter taste. While most pizzas are adorned with pitted green olives without the pimento added, some pizzerias do offer these olives with the red pimento. If you can’t decide between black or green olives for your pizza, you always have the option of ordering both.

Kalamata Olives

These olives often appear on Greek-style pizzas since they pair well with feta cheese. This is a meaty olive with a rich flavour and a dark purple hue that can handle the high heat of a pizza oven. These olives can also be served as table olives and frequently appear in a variety of Greek salads.

When it comes to pizza olives, you’ll find that everyone has their own preference as far as taste goes. If you’re serving pizzas frequently in your dining establishment or if you own a pizzeria, you may need to order all of the olives listed above in large quantities. At Puroliva we offer wholesale pricing for bulk orders to discriminating pizzerias and restaurants that want to offer the best gourmet olives to their customers. Find out more about our discount pricing at or call us now at 1-800-206-1177 to speak to one of our friendly customer representatives.

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