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Olives – Healthy Food for the Brain

Olives – Healthy Food for the Brain

Olives – Healthy Food for the Brain


Both olives and olive oil can be considered to be brain food and should be consumed on a regular basis. People in the Mediterranean have been eating olives and using olive oil and these individuals are living longer and healthier lives on average than people in the Western Hemisphere. While olives offer a number of different health benefits such as providing an immune system boost and helping to prevent heart disease and diabetes, they also contribute to good brain health.

Olives and Free Radicals

Approximately 20% of the total oxygen intake of your body is used by the brain. This means that it can easily be ravaged by free radicals. Olives contain polyphenols, which are natural antioxidants that search out and eliminate free radicals. In order to keep your brain from oxidizing due to exposure to free radicals, it’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet.

Brain-Healthy Vitamins

Olives also contain a number of vitamins that provide multiple benefits to the brain including vitamin K and vitamin E. Vitamin E may reduce the risk of developing dementia. This vitamin also helps to redirect the supply of blood after a stroke to minimize any damage that may occur to the brain.

Vitamin K may also help ward off Alzheimer’s disease while at the same time giving the brain a boost in terms of its processing speed and its ability to recall words. Studies have shown that many Alzheimer’s patients have been deficient in this particular vitamin.

Olives are great for the brain and more and more people are searching for establishments that use olive oil or offer olives on their menus. If you operate a restaurant, pizzeria or a café and need access to bulk quantities of gourmet olives, please visit our website at You can also call our distributor at 1-800-206-1177 to learn more about our bulk wholesale pricing program.

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