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Serve your customers the best of the Mediterranean with quality olives and olive oils. Olives complement pizzas, sandwiches and salads and are considered as a staple in a number of dining establishments including Greek and Italian restaurants and sub shops. Available in bulk sizes, your establishment can benefit from low pricing without having to worry about ordering as often.

Olives offer a rich flavour and texture to stuffing, dips and sauces and add a sophisticated yet zesty taste to main dishes. They can also be presented as finger foods, as garnishes and are delicious served in cocktails. The presentation of a meal should always directly reflect the care and labour that went into preparing it. Our olives will show off your culinary masterpieces to make them appear as refined and distinguished as they taste.

Make the most of the oval fruit that originates from trees in Greece, France, Italy and Spain. These fruits are preserved in brine or oil at different stages of their development. Green olives are picked early during the harvesting season and boast a sweeter, nuttier taste while black olives are more mature and provide a richer, meatier flavour.

We are passionate about olives and olive oils that truly capture the flavours and tastes of the Mediterranean. Our products marry quality and tradition and offer everything from exotic to simple flavours. We are proud to offer wholesale pricing and sizes along with direct door-to-door service to our customers that only want to serve the best olives served to their clientele.

Our quality olives and olive oils can be ordered in any quantity and are available in boxes, barrels, crates and skids. If you own a dining establishment, benefit from bulk quantities at wholesale prices. Contact our distributor Qualifirst Foods Ltd. or fill out the form below to find out more about our wholesale opportunities.

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